Free Hypnotherapy Training

You may be thinking about training in Hypnotherapy but would like to see more about our Hypnotherapy Training before you buy the course. Well this 4 week online hypnotherapy program will give you an inside look at our training program.

It's 100% free!

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Complete this 4 week hypnotherapy course by download and receive a certificate of Introduction to Hypnotherapy from The British Academy of Hypnosis.

The course comes with full support from Master Hypnotist David Knight. The course is 100% free but holds a value of £96.00

The course runs every 4 weeks, you may need to wait before being accepted onto the next training programme.

Hypnotherapy Training
Hypnotherapy Training Course

Worth £96.00 - 100% Free!

This course is not for everyone. Please only join if you have a real interest in learning Hypnotherapy.

This is a 4 week Hypnotherapy training program. The courses comes as
1. 4 pdf downloads
2. A free Hypnosis .MP3 download
3. Full support from David Knight
4. A free Internet video call
5. Certificate on completion

     Hypnotherapy Training

*As this course comes with full support not everyone will be accepted to join and download the course right away as you may need to wait for an available space. David Knight Master Hypnotist offers you his full training support so please only join if you are ready to learn.

The training is completely free. To complete the course all I ask for is a little bit of feedback each week to let me know your thoughts on each of the 4 chapters. The free course gives you the chance to try our download services and support before you go on to buy any of our other courses. On successful completion of the 4 week course and the video conference call we may offer you a certificate of training. This training course is 100% Free.

(Not all people who register for this free course will be accepted as there is only limited availability.)

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