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Hypnosis Audio to remove your fear of water. Allow Hypnosis Audio to cure your fear of water quickly and easily. This fear of water hypnosis audio is suitable for those who simply need a boost to help them feel comfortable in water for swimming to those with extreme phobias and are unable to wash in water. You can download this hypnosis audio instantly or the CD version can be sent with free worldwide delivery. Begin to cure your Fear of Water today.

Many people have an extreme fear of water. They conjure up images of dying in water, drowning, gasping for breath, or encountering eerie, unseen things such as snakes or sharks in the water.

Often, those suffering from Aquaphobia are non swimmers. Some phobics not only fear large water bodies, lakes, ponds or rivers, many even fear running water or water being poured onto their heads.

The fear of drowning is a rational and logical fear experienced by many who cannot swim. Aquahobic individuals, however, experience great deal of anxiety around all kinds of water bodies ranging from large oceans to small bathtubs. Some cannot even look at a photograph of the ocean without experiencing chills. Logically, few are aware that they will not come to harm in a bath as they are unable to fight the thoughts that create the phobia.

The good new is that all fears and phobias can be cured quickly and easily with hypnosis and that of course includes Aquaphobia.

This audio is suitable for those who have extreme phobias of water through to those who would just like a little more confidence when swimming.

Extreme phobias are where people struggle to wash their hands or hair or struggle to shower or bath.

There is no more need for worry, Hypnosis will help you achieve results quickly. Most people will see a change in the fear of water in as little as 21 days.

The Technical Stuff!
The .MP3 Download is 30 minutes in length. The audio contains beautiful relaxing music with an English voice over. The audio can be downloaded instantly and can be played on your computer, .mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or can be transferred to CD.

Delivery Service
The fear of water MP3 file can be downloaded instantly.
Hypnosis CDs will be posted free of charge worldwide and are delivered in plain packaging.

Audio Information
Play the audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax.
Some people will achieve changes the first time they listen to the audio, others will make positive changes in as little as 21 days but some people may use the audio a little longer. The more you use the audio the stronger the change. Once changes have been made they will be permanent as long as the mind set remains the same.

“I suffered with an extreme fear of water. Taking a bath was impossible and even the thoughts of showering would make me panic. Washing my hair was just a terrifying experience. Thanks to David Knight and the power of hypnosis my life has changed! Showers and baths are an enjoyable experience and my last holiday was the best ever but it was hard to get me out of the swimming pool! How amazing! ” Patricia.

SMARTER Hypnosis
Put your feet up, relax and close your eyes. The relaxing music contains the power of SMARTER Hypnosis which are powerful affirmations delivered by voice at a frequency which is accepted directly into the subconscious mind, making changes instantly.

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